Bard Spell Circle

All spells in this circle are implemented except for 1025 and 1050.
Mana Point (MP) cost is initial to start the song, +X number of mana points per interval, where the interval is 120 + 5 times the singer's level in seconds with a max of 360 seconds for the interval.

All songs cost their level in MPs per time when cast. After the second song, there is an additional charge of MPs equal to the square of the number of songs over the second maintained song, added every 120+5*level seconds. 1MP for 3, 4MPs for 4, 9MPs for 5, 16MPs for 6, etc...

1001 Holding Song
Using the forces of air and vibration, this song will lower a single foe's ability to defend by 10 percent.
1MP 1MP/(120+5*plevel|360)s reduces target's DS by 10%.

1002 Vibration Chant
With this chant, a bard can find the exact pitch needed to make an object unstable, and then focus the sound energy upon a target. This will cause an object held by the target to vibrate free from the holder's grasp. Occasionally, the bard will achieve perfect resonance, causing non-magical objects to explode.
2MP/(Target|attempt) Song spirit warding to item in target's hands will drop to the ground. Player's level% chance of breakage, modified by item's characteristics.

1003 Fortitude Song
Through the aid of music and magic, a bard singing this song bolsters his defensive ability by 10.
3MP 1MP/(120+5*plevel|360)s +10 DS

1004 Purification Song
While singing this song, the bard can direct the resulting sonic vibrations across the surface of a gem, removing blemishes and impurities in the process.
4MP/(target/attempt) maintained effect, every successful round increases the value of a gem by 2 percent. Small chance of a failure ending in damage or destruction of the gem. May create an imbeddable gem or a gem usable in the recharging process.

1005 Lullabye
Using the persuasive power of song, the bard may sing a lullaby at a single target. The target may experience varying degrees of drowsiness, react more slowly than normal, be temporarily immobilized, or fall completely asleep.
5MP/(target/attempt). This spellsong is not renewable and not stackable upon itself.

1006 Song of Protection
Through the aid of music and magic, the bard singing this song lends extra magical protection to all members of the singer's group.
6MP 2MP/(120+5*plevel|360)s Singer's group +15 to spirit warding and Directed Spell DS. This spell is stackable.

1007 Kai's Triumph Song
While singing this song, the bard stirs the sense of confidence of all members of his party, giving them increased fighting ability.
7MP 4MP/(120+5*plevel|360)s Singer's entire party gains +10 to AS. Not stackable with 1019 (Eonak's Song).

1008 Mass Holding Song
Using the forces of air and vibration, this song will lower the defenses of all not joined to the singer by 10 percent.
8MP 3MP/(120+5*plevel|360)s
NOTE: This is a mass effect of the first level song. It is not stackable on top of or prior to 1001 Holding Song.

1009 Sonic Shield Song
While singing this song, the bard creates a shield of air that can be wielded in the left hand.
9MP 4MP/(120+5*plevel|360)s The bonus is dependent upon songs known.  Normal shield +10+1/2 songs known, capped at +50.  Left hand must be free to direct the shield.  Song stopped if the air is shattered on a weapon clash.

1010 Song of Valor
By singing tales of heroism and valor, the singer creates an aura of protection about himself, bolstering his physical defensive ability by +25 and his resistance to elemental attacks by +25, with an additional +1 for each Bard Circle spell known beyond 25, with a maximum of +50.
10MP 3MP/(120+5*plevel|360)s

1011 Song of Peace
The singer creates a minor sanctuary where all creatures and players are held passive due to the soothing rhythmic sounds of the song.
11MP 4MP/(120+5*plevel|360)s Possible that a creature may be immune or ward against the effect. If the singer moves, a roundtime will be applied to reflect the difficulty of maintaining the song.

1012 Sonic Blade Song
While singing this song, a bard can weave vibrating air and magic around his or her right hand into a weapon of the bard's choosing.
12MP 4MP/(120+5*plevel|360)s Weapon is +10 +1/2 songs known, capped at +50. Weapon may shatter on a clash, ending the spell. The weapon will do random vibration injuries.

1013 Song of Unravelling
Versus a player or creature target, the song will dispel a targeted spell or random spell if available. A penalty to the target's warding attempt is based on the singer's song knowledge. Targetted attempts do not receive the full benefit of this bonus, are more difficult to achieve versus spiritual spells, and are progressively harder against higher level spells. 
If no spells are active on the targeted player or creature, the song will try to drain mana from the target. The amount of mana drained per attempt is based on the singer's song knowledge. The amount of mana recovered is based on the singer's song knowledge and mana share
Versus a magic item, the song will drain charges from the item and convert to mana. Mana from non-elemental sources will be less efficient than from elemental sources.
This song is not auto-renewable. If the song is dispelling random spells or draining mana from a target player/creature/object, it may be manually renewed for the duration of the song and will continue to target the original target. Unravelling targetted spells from a target is not renewable in any form.
The base renewal mana cost for this song is 4 mana, adjusted for target spell circle and spell level.

1014 Sonic Armor
While singing this song, a bard can weave vibrating air and magic similar to Sonic Weapon and Sonic Shield. The difference however is that the magic forms a sonic barrier around the singer, effectively acting as magical armor.
Usage: SING <number>

The singer can specify the armor sub-group when casting by including the number of that group, using the chart below. If unspecified, the song will default to Full Leather.

14MP 5MP/(120+5*plevel|360)s Armor is +15 +1/2 songs known, capped at +50. The sonic barrier also has resistance against certain magical attacks, such as electricity, heat, and cold, but is susceptible to impact, such as falling from a great distance.
AsG Type Coverage
5 Light Leather
6 Full Leather
torso, arms
7 Reinforced Leather
torso, arms, legs
8 Double Leather
head to toe
9 Leather Breastplate
10 Cuirboulli Leather
torso, arms
11 Studded Leather
torso, arms, legs
12 Brigandine
head to toe
13 Chain Mail
14 Double Chain
torso, arms
15 Augmented Chain
torso, arms, legs
16 Chain Hauberk
head to toe
17 Metal Breastplate
18 Augmented Breastplate
torso, arms
19 Half Plate
torso, arms, legs
20 Full Plate head to toe

1015 Song of Depression (Blues)
Singing this song will cause all not joined to the singer to become depressed, decreasing their desire to ward against magic and attack.
15MP 6MP/(120+5*plevel|360)s All not joined to singer suffer -20 to spirit warding and react slower than normal.

1016 Song of Rage
This song stimulates memories of anger in the target, causing it to become enraged and attack with full force. As a natural side effect, the singing bard becomes the focus of the target's anger. 16MPs non-renewable A single target will go to a fully offensive stance and try to attack the singer relentlessly for the song's duration. Note that the singer must be visible in the room, and the creature may occasionally give up and walk away if it has no chance to hit the singer.

1017 Song of Noise
Calling upon the echoes of every song ever sung, the bard creates a cacophony of sound, disrupting the magical forces in the area.
17MPs 7MP/(120+5*plevel|360)s May only be sung by itself. This song prevents magic in the room it is sung in by creating annoying and disruptive noise. (Also known as Song of Oghier.)

1018 Song of Power
The singer of this song becomes a moving focal point of magic in the area, providing improved mana recovery for everyone joined to the singer.
18MPs 15MP/(120+5*plevel|360)s Maintaining this song creates a mana focus that moves with the singer. There is a chance that the power will break free, damaging all in room. May cause disaster if another is also trying to sing this song in the same room. This will actually accent natural focii, but will almost always injure the singer and local focii created with mana focus (418). Unlike a natural mana focus, this spell does not provide increased experience absorption.

1019 Eonak's Song of Glory
While singing this song, the bard magically enhances and inspires all members of his or her party, enhancing their ability to attack and recover from battle.
19MPs 12MPs/(120+5*plevel|360)s All joined to caster receive +20 to AS and recover health points at an accelerated rate. Not stackable with Kai's Song.

1020 Traveller's Song
Tapping into the elemental forces, the bard creates an illusion of past revelry so real that his entire party is transported to the location of the past event.
20MPs By singing this song, the caster's entire party is transported to the nearest Inn, or a more dangerous area on a failure. Will work anywhere that a ring will work. Other side effects of the song may include dizziness and thirst. A failure will result in loss of mana and injuries upon arrival.

1025 Singing Sword Song
Not yet implemented
Through clever manipulation of vibrations, a bard singing this song spell can direct his or her weapon to fly after the caster and attack foes, using the same skill as the caster's. While under the effects of this song spell, the weapon is unbreakable, although it cannot break any other item either.
25MPs 15MPs/(120+5*plevel|360)s
NOTE: Caster gets 1/2 the normal 'contribution' points through damage done with this weapon. Controlling the sword is done with the TELL verb (TELL SWORD TO ATTACK <target>, TELL ... RETURN, TELL ... STOP ATTACKING). If, for some reason, the song spell is interrupted beyond the control of the caster, the weapon will fall to the ground. The target of this spell must be in the same room as the caster, and the sword will only follow the caster. The sword is subject to a 5 second RT. The caster can continue to perform other functions without RT from the attacks. The singer may even attack with another weapon in his/her hands.

1030 Song of Sonic Disruption
The bard singing this song is able to resonate their voice to such a degree that all not joined to the singer must suffer sonic disruption of their bodies.   The bard will not cause damage during the normal 'maintenance' cycle of the song, only upon the initial singing, or with a manual renewal.  
NOTE: Regarding the manual renewal: When the singer uses RENEW ALL, the damaging aspects of 1030 will also not be activated.  The bard must RENEW 1030 to activate the damaging aspects of the spell.  Normal spell maintenance costs apply whether the spell is manually renewed or not.
30MP 20MPs/(120+5*plevel|360)s Once a renewal every non-joined player and all creatures must ward the resonant vibrations of the song or suffer vibration injuries.

1035 Song of Mirrors
When singing Song of Mirrors, the bard's voice will form resonant tones that will create the illusion of multiple images of the bard in the room. As such, the attacker will have more difficulty hitting the bard, since it will become difficult to tell which is the true bard and which is a mirror image.

35MP 15MP/(120+5*plevel|360)s +75 to physical DS

1050 Song of Mana Streaming
Not yet implemented
50MP Singer and all in party are transported from one natural mana focus to another. If cast while not at a focus, the singer and his party are transferred to the nearest focus, but all party members and the bard get the rough ride. This is valid between any two natural focii, and on any plane that has naturally occurring mana focii.

All songs cost their level in MPs per time when cast. After the second song, there is an additional charge of MP's equal to the square of the number of songs over the second maintained song, added every 120+5*plevel seconds. 1MP for 3, 4MPs for 4, 9MPs for 5, 16MPs for 6, etc...