Empath Spell Circle

This spell circle is currently implemented with the exception of spells 18 and 19.  The spells may not work exactly as shown.

Notes: All of the healing spells are used to heal injuries and scars on the empath's own body. As the empath advances in knowledge, the ability to transfer certain injuries from other adventurers will also progress.  Spells which heal scars cannot be used until all of the current damage on the given area has already been healed.  Also, some types of major damage may require more than one cast of the spell to be reduced to a manageable level. The student empath should seek out a suitable teacher, or else engage in serious field research, to learn the different types of wounds and the spells required to heal them.

1101 Heal
Heals 10-50 points of damage.  Mana required based on amount of blood restored.

1102 Limb Repair
Heals limb injuries.  Mana required is based on the rank of the injury.  A minor injury would require 2 mana, a bleeding injury 7.

1103 System Repair
Heals damage to the nervous system. Mana required is based on the rank of the injury.  A minor injury would require 3 mana, a severe one 8.

1104 Head Repair
Heals damage to the face, head, and neck. Mana required is based on the rank of the injury.  A minor injury would require 4 mana, a severe one 9.

1105 Organ Repair
Heals damage to the chest, back, abdomen, and eyes. Mana required is based on the rank of the injury.  A minor injury would require 5 mana, a severe one 10.

1106 Empathic Focus
Duration: 15sec/lvl, refreshable
Based on the Empath's presumed training regimen of learning to concentrate to hold pain at bay or seeking the right level of concentration to attune to a patient to transfer wounds.  This spell would provide a base +10 DS.  The Empath, when casting this spell is presumed to be exercising their special training to focus more attention on what they are doing.

1107 Tendlore
Duration: 15sec/lvl
This spell is designed to increase the Empath's First Aid (F/A) skill.  When this spell is active various commands utilizing F/A operate either more efficiently or differently.  For example, the Empath could do a diagnose full with only one hand free.

1108 Empathy
Duration: caster level + 1 per 3 points of warding failure; 120 seconds maximum
A CS based hunting spell.  With it, the Empath can project a fear into a target with different results.  The results are not controllable by the caster, but could include paralysis, weakened combat skills, slow responses and even possibly nerve damage.

1109 Empathic Rage
A short duration spell where the Empath channels past memories of their outrage at wounds received or seen, into a temporary rage that enhances their offensive capability and bypasses the *normal* Empath reluctance to cause injuries.  The spell provides +15 AS for 15 sec. per level of the Empath.

1110 Sensations
A spell based on empathic nature of the profession.  This spell allows the Empath to sense life in the surrounding area.  It doesn't unhide them or otherwise affect other characters or creatures that are sensed.  It just let's one know they are there.  And no, it is not automatic.  Creatures and characters may resist any intrusion to their thoughts and remain unknown.  It is also quite possible that a backlash could occur when the target seeks to resist.

1111 Limb Repair II
Heals limb scars.  Minor scars would require one cast, mangled limbs 2 casts, and missing limbs 3 casts.  You must have at least 15 ranks in the empath circle to heal mangled limbs, and 20 ranks to heal missing limbs.

1112 System Repair II
Heals nervous system damage, such as that which causes slurred speech.  Slurred speech would require 1 cast, 2 casts for a medium scar, 3 for a major one.  You must have at least 16 ranks in the empath circle to heal serious nervous system scars.

1113 Head Repair II
Heals scarring of the head and neck.  One cast for a minor scar, 2 for a a medium, and 3 for a major.  You must have at least 17 ranks in the empath circle to heal serious head and neck scars.

1114 Organ Repair II
Heals scars of the chest, back, abdomen, and eyes.  One cast for a minor scar, 2 for a medium and 3 for a major.  You must have at least 18 ranks in the empath circle to heal serious scars on the body.

1115 Adrenal Surge
Intended to be both useful and fun.  The main operation of this spell is to put the target on it's feet by an induced surge of adrenalin.  As some of you may know, the effects of adrenalin can have many different side effects and this spell might just have side effects in the same manner. 

1116 Cry For Help
Would operate between Empaths allowing one to make brief contact with another showing only location and dependent on the recipient's skills, some information on the caster's condition.

1117 Sensory Overload
The idea behind this spell is the target is overloaded with sensory signals to deleterious effect.  Exact operation is not determined.  But it is intended to be another hunting/utility spell.

1118 Unknown

1119 Strength of Will (Proposed)
Will provide spell defense (TD) based on training with limits.

1120 Relaxation
A spell that allows an Empath to enter a meditative trance, much like a cleric meditates.  Few actions are allowed and the trance can be easily broken.  Because of the steps and concentration required, the Empath could only enter this relaxing trance once an hour or so.  During the relaxation, the Empath is able to review things learned in the field and make them more permanent life experiences.

Troll's Blood
The result of years of the Empath profession's fascination with a troll's regenerative and recuperative powers.  This spell allows only limited action as an Empath concentrates on directing their body in the healing process.  While active, this spell and mind state lets the body heal itself.  For the duration of the spell, various wounds will reduce on their own.  This includes scars will fade away!  It is a slow process and each time a wound or scar reduces in some manner there will be some mana *burned* to aid in the process.  If the Empath is lacking in mana the spell and mind state it imbues could fail at any time.

1130 Intensity
Allows an Empath to shift the emphasis of their goal, whether to attack or defend.  The empath is essentially able to shift an additional amount of AS to DS and vice versa by way of stance.  The spell would allow a shift 30 + 1 per 2 spells known over 30 in the base circle.  This maxes at 50 in extreme stances.

1150 Empathic Dispel or Multi Dispel
Using this spell, an Empath could dispel up to ranks/10 spells from the target.  Again this would not work on anything but living targets.