So you want to know a bit about rogue gambits?  Well, I can't name all the skills and what they do quite yet, but I'll let ya know about the first few and give you an overview on training in them.

First I'll cover the training.  There are five tasks that you can receive during gambits training.  They are:

Training with a skilled master
Teaching another member
Learning from another member
Speed rounds
Audience demonstrations

Now, you may be wondering what you have to actually do for each of these tasks...let me explain.

Skilled Masters

These are essentially the same as what you have to do in the other skills.  You see the footpad and have them explain the skill to you, then take a few tries at completing it.  Nothing overly complicated here, however in order to perform most gambits with some success, its best to stay light and not wear armor.

Teaching another member or Learning from another member

Both of these tasks work in a similar fashion, so I'll explain them together.  When learning, you have to work on the skill that you're currently learning.  You can teach someone with more skill, and can learn from someone with more skill, however you cannot be taught by someone with less skill, but you can teach them.  Hopefully that's not too confusing, but if it is, here's the explanation in the help file.

Practitioners of Rogue Gambits may offer a lesson on any skill they can perform.

* If you are more skilled in Gambits then your student, the student must
prove the value of the lesson by successfully performing the skill.
* If your student is more skilled, it is his or her obligation to offer
pointers on your teaching, so that you may more efficiently teach others.
* The student must provide a demonstration, usually within one minute.

Students assigned to be taught must be more discerning in their lessons.
A true student must seek out someone at least as skilled in the arts as they
themselves are, and receive instruction on the most difficult skill the student
is capable of, followed by a successful performance of that skill.

USAGE: RGAMBIT TEACH <person> <skill name or skill number>
rgambit teach taelrand flip
rgambit teach taelrand vanish hands
rgambit teach taelrand 28

See RGAMBIT TEACH LIST for a numbered list of skills you may currently teach.

Speed Rounds

In a speed round, the goal is to accomplish a number of repetitions within sixty seconds.  The number required varies between 3 and 9 randomly, however you will always have a total of 60 seconds after you complete the first repetition.  It appears that you don't get more than 5 repetitions until you get to more advanced skills, then the number gradually climbs.  You actually have to successfully complete a repetition to get credit for these, and as always must be practicing the skill you are currently working on.  

As a side note, members who need to teach someone can teach you while you are practicing speed rounds, just make sure they know so they don't take all of your sixty seconds teaching and not let you get any practice in yourself.  

Audience Demonstrations

To complete your practice in front of an audience, you first need to have at least four other people visible in the room.  If you're in the Landing guild you definitely shouldn't have a problem here, however if you're in other towns you may have to find somewhere else to show off your talents.  You can only earn a repetition every thirty seconds or so, however you can still do your tricks during that time period.

Some other notes

There is much talk that doing your skills while being taught by another guild member will greatly increase your chances of success.  While this is very difficult to test, it is certainly a good idea to let others teach you whenever possible.  Even if you're not getting a bonus, they're gaining ranks and will likely be able to help you out in the future.

Now...if you really want to see a list of the skills, keep reading...

Gambits update:

Rogue Guild members should find themselves stealthier when picking up items which are already in their possession via Rogue Gambits. Additionally, they may find it easier to pick which item they want, and from where.

When trying to STEALTH GET or STEALTH PUT something, you should act as though you were simply picking it up or dropping it normally.


Note that this also applies to the various facets of RGAMBIT VANISH.

The following are the skills I have learned, and there are a great number more than this available.  Note that many skills have multiple parts and thus are listed as separate skills which are basically the same.

You may currently teach the following skills:
Skill # Skill gained
2 TUMBLE [left, right, forward, backward]
3 TUMBLE multiple
5 CARTWHEEL [left, right, forward, backward]
6 CARTWHEEL multiple
8 FLIP [left, right, forward, backward]
9 FLIP multiple
10 DAGGER balance
11 DAGGER toss
12 DAGGER game
13 DISPLAY hands
14 DISPLAY ear
15 DISPLAY pocket
16 DISPLAY person
17 GET hands <item>
18 GET mouth <item>
19 GET air <item>
20 GET silent <item>
21 VANISH hands <item> <container>
22 VANISH mouth <item> <container>
23 VANISH air <item> <container>
24 VANISH silent <item> <container>
25 STEALTH sit
26 STEALTH kneel
27 STEALTH stand
And in case you're wondering what you look like performing these stunts, here are some demonstrations from an onlookers view.


Jerrec tucks his chin towards his chest and falls to the ground in an elegant roll. He tumbles smoothly and springs to his feet, ready for action!

Directional Tumble

Jerrec tucks his chin towards his chest and falls backward in an elegant roll. He tumbles effortlessly and springs to his feet, ready for action!

Jerrec tucks his chin towards his chest and falls to the ground in a series of smooth tumbles - once, twice, three times! - and springs to his feet, ready for action!


Jerrec performs a simple yet perfect cartwheel.

Directional Cartwheel

Jerrec cartwheels backward and lands back on his feet with a grin.

Multiple Cartwheel

Jerrec performs a rapid series of graceful cartwheels. Moving into the last one, he tucks his arms in towards his body and flips over, landing smoothly on his feet. Looks like he didn't even break a sweat.


Jerrec flips into the air in a tight ball, landing easily and silently on the balls of his feet.

Directional Flip

Jerrec flips gracefully backward, hugging his knees for an instant before meeting the ground with silent feet.

Jerrec flips perfectly into the air, lands, and flips twice more in rapid succession. Hitting the ground a final time, he falls back into an alert, combat-ready stance.

Dagger Balance

Jerrec confidently sets a drake dagger's point on his index finger, then gives it a little spin! As it rapidly twirls, he carefully walks it from one finger to another, never disturbing its balance, before finally flipping it up and catching it deftly by the hilt.

Dagger toss
Jerrec flips his drake dagger confidently into the air, where it spins several times before dropping smoothly back into his hand.

Of course, they don't always look quite so good...
Anonymous flips into the air rather well. Unfortunately, he tries tries to do another, and another, until he ends up on his knees. Standing up, he looks around rather sheepishly.

Last, but not least...a preview of some other skills:

Frosk closes his hand over a beveled dragonfire opal medallion. Bringing his fist to his mouth, he blows into it and opens it to reveal... nothing! With a grin, Frosk opens his other hand to reveal the medallion.

Recoil tosses his dagger high into the air, then claps his hands together on it as it drops! He opens them to reveal...absolutely nothing! The dagger is gone! With a smirk, Recoil pulls the dagger from his boots.