Note: All the information reflected on this page is the work of Braenna.  Unfortunately her site is gone, however I was able to get my hands on a cached copy of it, and I'm keeping it up since it has some very useful information.

Lockpick Testing Results

Lockpick Modifier Ranks Price Quality Strength Bonus Location Was
Copper 1.00 0 100 Crude Poor Worst WN/Ice/Teras
Brass 1.00 0 250 Crude Very Weak Poor SH
Steel 1.10 1 500 Common Average Average WN/Ice/Teras Crude
Ivory 1.20 1 750 Common Above Average Average SH
Gold 1.20 3 2000 Common Weak Average WN/Ice Common
Silver 1.30 3 2500 Common Average Average SH/Teras Good
Ora 1.55 5 5000 Good Strong Average WN/SH/Ice
Mithril 1.45 5 6000 Good Very Strong Average WN/SH/Ice/Teras Professional
Glaes 1.60 8 9500 Good Incredible Above Average WN/SH/Ice/Teras
Laje 1.75 12 17000 Good Average Very Good SH
Alum 2.30 16 23000 Professional Very Weak Excellent WN/Ice/Teras
Vultite 1.80 20 30000 Professional Average Above Average Teras
Rolaren 1.90 20 36000 Professional Very Strong Excellent WN/Ice Mithril/Mein
Veniom 2.20 25 50000 Superb Excellent Excellent Teras
Kelyn 2.40 30 62000 Superb Excellent Incredible WN
Invar 2.25 35 75000 Superb Incredible Excellent WN/Ice/Teras
Golvern 2.30 40 95000 Superb Highest Excellent Merchant Only?
Vaalin 2.50 50 125000 Superb Incredible Highest Guilds Alum


Lockpick = Lockpick Type, Found in our Local Locksmith Shops

Modifier & Bonus = Same Thing, Use this in the Lockpick Formula to discover your Max Lock

Ranks = Lockpicking Ranks Needed to Use this Lockpick Type

Quality = Bard Loresung Quality

Strength = How Easy or Difficult it is to Snap this Lockpick Type

Location = Which Lockpick is available in Which Town's Locksmith Shop?

WN = Wehnimer's Landing, SH = Solhaven, Ice = Icemule, Teras = Teras

Vaalin is only available in the Guild Shops.

Golvern is taken from Sayzor's Chart, see his Forum. It is not available in any of the Locksmith Shops currently. (However, some older merchant picks are singing as Golvern picks, the tested data is from Fremmin's Golvern Lockpick which he was told by someone higher up is indeed a Golvern pick. Thus my theory is Golvern will only be available from travelling merchants.)

Was = What some of these Lockpick Types Once Were

**Note: All old lockpicks (bought before Monday, February 12, 2001) need to be converted to their new style. To do this, either try to pick something, anything, with it, even if it doesn't have a lock, or ask Edwina to appraise it (she converts them even if she won't repair them). Your lockicks will now be converted. To find out which lockpick type your lockpicks are you can 1) go to the pawnshop and have them appraised then multiply that by 3 or 2) ask a bard to sing to them to discover their value, then match that value up with one of the values on this chart.


Max Lock = (lockpick skill + wisdom bonus + lore bonus) * modifier

Lock Lore Bonus = (If Self Cast) Level/2 + Skill Bonus/10 + (Dex Bonus + Wisdom Bonus)/4
Divide this by 2 if not Self Cast (& base it off the casters skill or your own if from an imbed).

Max Trap = disarm skill + wisdom bonus + lore bonus

Trap Lore Bonus = (If Self Cast) Level/2 + Skill Bonus/10 + (Ref Bonus + Dis Bonus)/4
Divide this by 2 if not Self Cast (& base it off the casters skill or your own if from an imbed).

Sayzor's Forum

GM Sayzor held a forum a few years ago regarding these changes. Visit to learn more.

Stress Theory

Stresses no longer affect a pick's modifier. Though the more stresses the more easily the lockpick will break. All lockpicks have a hit points (HP) factor, you can see this by reading a bit of Sayzor's forum. It looks like each stress lowers the amount of HPs that a lockpick has. Thank you Brianus for pointing this out to us.

Also of note regarding stresses and breakage: neither a stress, a break, nor a repaired lockpick will sing at a different value than it's original value (once it's on the new system). Does this mean that repaired picks have the same modifier as they did, just less HPs and more chance of breaking? Testing of this is still needed.

My Skill (Unavailable)

With much help from the young rogue Gormin, I have created a spreadsheet to allow everyone who isn't getting it yet, to figure out your max lock with each pick type. Within the spreadsheet, the important page is entitled "My Skill". Download it if you wish to use it. It will need to be unzipped. The file was done in Excel 2000, but should be compatible with some older versions.

A Special Note

I hope you find this site to be of use. If you have any questions e-mail me at

Thank You's

Thank you goes to Porcell and Fremmin for their work in discovering the mods. I am doing my own research currently, and my results are quite similiar. I made a change to laje as it seems to be more towards 1.75 than 1.70.

Thank you to Gormin, Melisani, Jylia, and Brianus, among others, for their wonderful help in determing lockpick rank value to use for each pick. Thanks again to Fremmin and to Ashren for first discovering the lockpick values for the last four lockpicks.

Thank you to Sayrena for getting the Icemule and Solhaven information.

And a thank you to Tsoran for keeping a copy of the forum online for us.

This is only in it's beginning stages. It will be updated as more information becomes available.

I'd also like to greatly expand this site.


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Last Update February 22, 2001