Major Elemental Spell Circle

This spell circle is completely implemented.

501 Sleep
DURATION: 5 seconds per level
A very relaxed feeling will overcome the target of this spell and dull its senses, possibly causing it to fall into a magically induced slumber. The actual effect depends on how badly the creature fails its spiritual warding:
This spell, if successfully cast, will attempt to put the target creature to sleep. A warding failure of 150 will put the creature to sleep, while lesser warding failures will only partially sleep the target. Once slept, the target will remain asleep for 5 seconds per mana point used +1 second per 3 warding failure.
The mana cost on this spell is level of target/2 with a max cost of 20 mana and a minimum cost of 1 mana.
Creatures which do not normally sleep (such as the undead) are unaffected by this spell.

502 Spell Store
Often times the outcome of a battle is determined by who can react first. Because the wizard often is hindered by lengthy gestures and chants, Spell Store has become an invaluable first strike weapon. After casting this spell, the caster can then cast any of his or her other spells which will stay prepared for an indefinite period of time. The spell to be stored must be cast within 30 seconds after Spell Store. Note that although spell store does hold a spell for a long time, it does not do so forever; the exact time when this fails depends on the caster's activity.

503 Blur
DURATION: 1minute per level
Although the logic behind this spell is quite simple, its effect is very potent. With a few quick gestures, the caster can cause his or her image to become distorted and difficult to focus upon. The result is that the wizard gains +10 to DS and thus is harder to hit in combat.

504 Slow I
DURATION: 1 minute
This spell makes the air surrounding its victim viscous, effectively slowing down all of its actions. The result is that the target's actions/round-times take three seconds longer than normal.

505 Hand of Tonis
The spell, named in honor of the Arkati with similar powers, harnesses the Wizard's affinity for air to steal the breath from their opponents, thereby stunning them.  This magic is also useful against clouds and clutter in the area.

506 Haste I
DURATION: 1 minute
In a not completely understood manner, invoking the magic of this spell distorts time around the target. To the recipient, the world seems to slow down, allowing the recipient to react more quickly than naturally possible. Fortunately, the power of the spell fuels the extra energy needed to operate at an accelerated rate. The target's roundtime/actions will take three seconds less than normal.  The target will incur a minimum of one second of roundtime with the spell.

507 Elemental Deflection
DURATION: 20 seconds per level
This spell can be a blessing. This spell creates a minor shield around the body of the caster which has the affect of adding +20 to DS. This shield does not affect spells, except elemental attacks. The deflection is sometimes only enough to redirect how hard the blow hits.

508 Elemental Bias
DURATION: 30 seconds per level
Because Elemental Deflection offers limited spell defense, this spell can provide excellent additional protection. It works like Elemental Deflection by creating an invisible minor shield around the caster, but this one works against non-elemental attack spells by adding +20 to spiritual warding.

509 Strength
DURATION: 30 seconds per level
An ancient spell which has long been a part of a wizard's spell book. The strength spell enables its recipient to better utilize his or her body and thus cause an apparent increase in strength. This has the effect of adding +15 to the target's AS, as well as subtracting 3 seconds from the recipientís round time, with a minimum of 5 seconds.

510 Unpain
DURATION: 5 minutes
While elemental spells do not normally deal with the healing arts, this one is an exception. The unpain spell provides a temporary restoration of lost health points for the duration of the spell. The target will get a maximum of 50 HPs for 5 minutes, the total not to exceed the max of the target. These points will vanish when the spell ends.

511 Floating Disk
The floating disk spell, which is believed to be one of Melgorehn's inventions, creates an insubstantial disk that can be used to hold objects by the caster/target. The disk will follow the caster/target around for the duration of the spell and allows for the temporary hauling of many objects from one place to another. The owner is the only one able to OPEN or CLOSE the disk. The spell actually has an indefinite duration and will continue to exist until the player logs off or you can DISMISS the disk to eliminate it.  When a player disconnects or some other situation breaks the magical 'thread' which binds the disk to the caster, such as death. When this happens, the disk will vanish and the objects will fall to the ground.  When a wizard casts a disk of their own, they will receive a "colored" disk, while non-wizards simply receive a disk.

512 Slow II
DURATION: 1 minute
This works as Slow I but increases the actions/round-times by 6 seconds instead of 3.  

513 Elemental Focus
This spell will give the target player/creature a bonus of +20 to their Spell AS and a penalty of -40 to their physical AS. If self cast, the duration of the spell is 30 seconds per level. If cast on another target, the duration is 1 second per 2 warding failure.

514 Haste II
DURATION: 1 minute
This spell works as Haste I but decreases actions/roundtimes by 6 seconds instead of 3.  The target will incur a minimum of one second of roundtime with the spell.

515 Rapid Fire
DURATION: 5 seconds per level
This powerful spell is used to augment attack spells, in particular elemental attack spells. Once cast, the next spell which is prepared will be prepared again once cast, automatically for the duration of the Rapid Fire spell. Therefore once Rapid Fire is in effect, you may then prepare, for example, a Minor Fire spell and then continue to cast it with no preparation step (or time) in-between for as long as the Rapid Fire spell is in effect. Note that to switch spells being used, use a RELEASE command and then PREPARE a new spell.

516 Mana Leech
DURATION: Instantaneous
When invoking this spell, the caster forms a mystical conduit between the target and the caster. If the target is unfortunate enough to fail its spiritual warding, a dull ray of mana-draining power will touch it and drain a random amount of mana. This can be up to 1 mana per 3 points of warding failure with a maximum amount limited by the casters level and the remaining mana of the target. These mana points are then transferred to the caster. The caster's total mana points cannot exceed the caster's normal maximum.

517 Charge Item
DURATION: Up to 15 minutes
This spell enables the caster to tap into the mana pool and redirect some of it into a magical focus. This focus must be a specially treated gem of at least 1000 silvers in value. By casting this spell at the treated gem, the focus will be created and begin to accumulate the mana. The wizard must then concentrate completely and continue to cast the spell until the gem has become sufficiently charged. (Note that this only costs 1 mana point after the initial cast.) At this point, energy from it can be directed into the desired item. The chance of success is based on the caster's level, and the level of the spell. Extraordinary failure has been known to result in loss of mana points, injury to the wizard, and even destruction of the item. The mana cost to recharge an item is 1 mana point per charge times the level of the spell being recharged.

518 Cone of Lightening
DURATION: Instantaneous
While Major Shock is quite powerful, it still is not a suitable defense against multiple opponents. Because of this, the Cone of Lightning spell was researched. It strikes as hard as a Major Shock, but the bolt arcs out in all directions and can hit many nearby targets. Anyone or thing not in the caster's group will be affected by this attack.

519 Telekinetic Disarm
DURATION: Instantaneous
This spell enables the caster to shape mana into a physical force. By merely concentrating on a victim, the air will harden around its weapon or shield and tear it from the victim's hands if it fails a spiritual warding. If the caster has an empty hand, the force will conveniently place it there. Otherwise, the item will be torn to the ground. This spell is ideal for peaceful wizards who still wish to defend themselves.

520 Major Sleep
This spell works as Sleep I (501).

525 Meteor Swarm
DURATION: 1 to 3 minutes
Perhaps one of the most destructive spells known to spell users is Meteor Swarm. The caster throws his or her arms skyward while uttering the phrases of invocation. While this seems innocent at first, within 20 seconds after this spell is cast, a devastating barrage of flaming meteors will begin to fall on the area inflicting terrible damage to anyone or anything unfortunate enough to be in the area. The meteors will continue to fall in a wide radius around the area for several minutes after the initial strike.  While this spell is much more effective outdoors, it may shake structures and injure those inside with falling debris