Former Empath Spell Circle

This spell circle is no longer implemented, however the spells are still contained within herbs.  Herb equivalencies are listed below each spell.

Notes: All of these spells are used to heal injuries and scars on the empath's own body. As the empath advances in knowledge, the ability to transfer certain injuries from other adventurers will also progress.  Spells which heal scars cannot be used until all of the current damage on the given area has already been healed.  Spells which heal major damage are doing very specific kinds of repair, and may not have any effect on minor damage. Also, some types of major damage may require more than one cast of the spell to be reduced to a manageable level. The student empath should seek out a suitable teacher, or else engage in serious field research, to learn the different types of wounds and the spells required to heal them.

801 Heal I
Heals 10 points of damage.
Landing: Acantha Leaf
Icemule: Iceberry Tart
Pinefar: Acantha Leaf Tea
Teras: Olaks Old Style Ale

802 Limb Repair I
Heals minor limb injuries.
Landing: Ambrominas Leaf
Icemule: Dabbings Family Special Tart
Pinefar: Sweetfern Tea
Teras: Lost Dogwater Ale

803 System Repair I
Heals minor damage to the nervous system.
Landing: Wolifrew Lichen
Icemule: Leaftoe's Lichen Tart
Pinefar: Red Lichen Tea
Teras: Orc's Head Ale

804 Head Repair I
Heals minor damage to the face, head, and neck.
Landing: Rose-Marrow Potion
Icemule: Elk Horn Potion
Pinefar: Feverfew Tea
Teras: Semak's Smooth Ale

805 Organ Repair I
Heals minor damage to the chest, back, abdomen, and eyes.
Landing: Basal Moss
Icemule: Tundra Grass
Pinefar: Ginkgo Nut Tea
Teras: Mama Dwarf's Ale

806 Heal II
Heals 50-70 points of damage.
Landing: Yabathilium Fruit
Teras: Krolvin Bloody Ale

807 Limb Repair II
Heals major damage to limbs.
Landing: Ephlox Moss
Icemule: Frog's Bone Porridge
Pinefar: Sweetfern Potion
Teras: Golden Goose Ale

808 System Repair II
Heals major damage to the nervous system, such as convulsions.
Landing: Bolmara Potion
Icemule: Snowflake Elixer
Pinefar: Sassafras Tea
Teras: Kenar's Dropjaw Ale

809 Head Repair II
Heals major damage to the face, head, and neck.
Landing: Aloeas Stem
Icemule: Ram's Bladder
Pinefar: Feverfew Potion
Teras: Dark Swampwater Ale

810 Organ Repair II
Heals major wounds of the chest, back, and abdomen. Also useful for certain eye injuries.
Landing: Pothinir Grass
Icemule: Musk Ox Tart
Pinefar: Ginkgo Nut Potion
Teras: Aged Schooner Ale 

811 Limb Repair III
Heals minor limb scars.
Landing: Cactacae Spine
Icemule: Elk Fat Gel
Pinefar: Manroot Tea
Teras: Bearded Ladies Ale 

812 System Repair III
Heals minor nervous system damage, such as that which causes slurred speech.
Landing: Torban Leaf
Icemule: Ma Leaftoe's Special Tart
Pinefar: Valerian Root Tea
Teras: Miner's Muddy Ale 

813 Head Repair III
Heals minor scarring of the head and neck.
Landing: Haphip Root
Icemule: Sparrowhark Pie
Pinefar: Pennyroyal Tea
Teras: Agrak's Amber Ale 

814 Organ Repair III
Heals minor scars of the chest, back, and abdomen. Also useful for black eyes.
Landing: Talneo Potion
Icemule: Rock Lizard Potion
Pinefar: Wyrmwood Tea
Teras: Gert's Homemade Ale

815 Limb Repair IV
Heals major scarring of the limbs.
Landing: Calamia Fruit
Icemule: Walrus Blubber
Pinefar: Manroot Potion
Teras: Mad Mutty Frothy Ale

816 System Repair IV
Heals major spasms, and other serious problems resulting from old nervous system damage.
Landing: Woth Flower
Icemule: Flower Shaped Tart
Pinefar: Valerian Root Potion
Teras: Draco's Dream Ale

817 Head Repair IV
Heals old wounds and scarring around the face, head, and neck.
Landing: Brostheras Potion
Icemule: Polar Bear Fat Soup
Pinefar: Pennyroyal Potion
Teras: Reaper's Red Ale 

818 Organ Repair IV
Heals old scars and mutilations about the chest, back and abdomen.
Landing: Wingstem Potion
Icemule: Earthworm Potion
Pinefar: Wyrmwood Potion
Teras: Wort's Winter Ale 

819 Eye Regeneration
Will restore a blinded eye. This spell is most useful on old scars. For freshly-lost eyes, the Organ Repair II spell may be more useful.
Landing: Bur-Clover Potion
Icemule: Starfish Potion
Pinefar: Daggit Root Potion
Teras: Volcano Vision Ale 

820 Limb Regeneration
Restores a lost limb. This spell is most useful on old scars. If the limb has been freshly severed, the Limb Repair II spell may be more useful.
Landing: Sovyn Clove
Icemule: Ptarmigan Feathers
Pinefar: Angelica Root Potion
Teras: Captain Pegleg Ale