Ranger Spell Circle

As of Jan 2002, this spell circle is implemented through level 25.

601 Natural Colors
DURATION: 15 seconds per level (100 sec minimum)
+10 to DS
This spell attunes the target with their surroundings, making him or her more difficult to see, and correspondingly more difficult to attack. Activities such as hiding and stalking are also easier while this spell is in effect.

602 Resist Elements
DURATION: 1 minute per level
This spell will create an area of near-constant temperature around the caster, offering protection against extreme forms of heat, cold, and electricity (attack or otherwise).

603 Foraging
DURATION: 15 seconds per level
While under the effect of this spell, the caster's sense of the plant-life in the local area is greatly heightened. Living herbs and other plants in the area, which might otherwise be difficult to find, will become obvious to the caster. This spell is very useful on expeditions to gather herbs and other valuable plants.

604 Skinning
DURATION: 1 minute
This spell will make the caster more dexterous and better able to skin a carcass. While this spell lasts a very short time, it will add significantly to the caster's skill with the skinning knife.

605 Whispering Willow
DURATION: 30 seconds per level
This spell will allow the caster to project his or her voice over a long distance, while having it remain but a mere whisper. When attempting to communicate with someone who is also outdoors, the natural surroundings of the area will carry the caster's voice to whomever s/he wishes to speak with.

606 Phoen Strength
DURATION: 30 seconds per level
Phoen, god of the sun and husband of Oleani, lends his great strength to the caster when this spell is cast. This spell will increase the caster's inner strength, making him or her more likely to hit a target for the duration of the spell. This spell may only be cast outdoors. This spell cannot be cast on others.

607 Sounds
DURATION: 2 seconds per level
This spell will create distracting sounds all around the target, making him/her/it less able to defend themselves. While this spell has an extremely short duration, it is known to be very difficult to resist.

608 Camouflage
DURATION: Instantaneous
While outdoors, the caster of this spell will be able to use the surroundings to blend in with such success as to be effectively invisible. This being an extreme benefit in combat, it will also make the caster significantly more likely to strike his/her target when attacking from their hidden position.

609 Sunburst
DURATION: Instantaneous
A great pulse of light will come from the caster's hand when this spell is cast, causing all those hidden to become obvious to all in the room. While this will not reveal invisible targets to the caster, it will make him/her aware of their presence.

610 Tangle Weed
This spell will cause a vine to animate (or grow) in a particular area and begin to lash about at any critters in the area. The vine is likely not only to attack, but also knock over any targets if it strikes them. To get rid of the vine, the caster may simply DISMISS it.

611 Mass Colors
DURATION: 30 seconds per level
This will allow the caster's entire group to feel the effects of the first level spell, natural colors, for a longer duration. See 601 for more information on how this spell works.

612 Breeze
DURATION: 3 seconds per level
This spell will create a small whirlwind in an area, creating moderately strong breezes which will blow away many forms of clouds, including gas clouds, poison clouds, and many fog clouds. While this spell does not directly modify combat, it can be invaluable protection for some dangerous hunting environments.
NOTE: Light objects lying about the area have a tendency to get tossed about by this spell.

613 Self Control
DURATION: 1 minute per level
+25 to DS and TD for at least 13 ranks in of ranger spells.  At 35 spell ranks, the ranger receives an extra +5 making it +30 to both DS and TD.  At 50 ranks, the ranger receives a +10 bonus, for a total of +35 to both DS and TD.
This powerful spell will allow the caster to focus his or her will, as well as energy from the natural surroundings, and set up a powerful protection field around themselves.

614 Imbue
DURATION: Instantaneous
When cast on a piece of natural, organic material (such as a tree branch), the ranger casting this spell will channel powerful energy into the object, changing its basic structure. The result will allow the affected object to be turned into a magical item by someone with the 20th level minor elemental spell. The higher level the ranger, the greater magic the object can hold.
NOTE: Some organic objects, due to their structure, may be unaffected by this spell.

615 Call Swarm
Using his/her innate ability to interact with nature, the ranger summons insects from the surrounding area to swarm against a foe. The venomous bites of the swarm of insects and their distracting noise aid the ranger on the battleground.

616 Spike Thorn
DURATION: Instantaneous
This spell will cause large, spiked thorns to grow under the target which will very likely damage him/her/it. The amount of damage depends not only on the ranger's level, but also the target's level, and the conditions under which it was cast. This spell can be very difficult to ward against.
NOTE: While this spell will work indoors, it is more powerful when used where there is already vegetation present in the area.

617 Sneaking
DURATION: 15 seconds per level
When active, this spell will allow the caster to control all sound that emanates from his or her body, allowing a greater chance of hiding, sneaking, and stalking. When the caster also has the Natural Colors spell active, the two together make the caster nearly imperceptible when outdoors, thus allowing him or her to move from room to room unnoticed by all except only the most perceptive.
NOTE: Although this spell allows the caster to move around mostly unnoticed, if a creature or player specifically looks around the room for a new target, the caster will still be noticed as the combination of the two spells does not allow for perfect invisibility.

618 Mobility
DURATION: 30 seconds per level
This spell will increase the ranger's reaction times and reflexes, allowing him or her to dodge "special" attacks, such as flying webs or acid attacks. This spell also will provide some slight protection against certain specific types of spells such as Tangle Weed.

619 Mass Calm
An experienced ranger is adept in all forms of animal empathy. With this spell, the ranger takes the right non-threatening actions, says the correct soothing words, and makes calming gestures in order to sedate all creatures in the room. Although this spell has a short duration, it is very difficult to ward against.

620 Killer Weed
This powerful spell is similar in nature to the 10th level spell, Tangle Weed, and when cast indoors will create a vine nearly identical to that of the one generated by that spell outdoors. When this spell is cast outdoors, the thorny vine which grows from the ground will become much more animated and violent, actually injuring the target as the vine drags him/her/it to the ground. To get rid of the vine, the caster may simply DISMISS it.

625 Nature's Touch
DURATION: 15 seconds per level, maximum 5 minutes
Once cast, the ranger with this spell active will feel the power of nature surround him or her no matter where they are. This means the caster will be able to summon the energy to cast a lower level spell as if they were outside, even if they are inside.  The Target Defense bonus also grows upward by 1 for each spell rank the ranger attains after 25, with a maximum bonus of +25 TD at 50 spell ranks.