Listing of current scripts:

  • IceLand.Wiz:  A traveling script from Icemule Town Center to the Landing, stopping just outside the guild.

  • LandIce.Wiz:  A traveling script from outside the Landing North Gate to Icemule Town Center.

  • Solhaven.Wiz: A traveling script from outside the stockade gate to Solhaven.

  • SolWehn.Wiz: A traveling script from the North Market of Solhaven to Wehnimer's Landing.

  • skin.Cmd: A skinning script to that can skin nearly every critter in Elanthia.  By default it will keep you in your current stance, however if you want to change stances, the command is .skin critter stance.  
    The following variables must be set:
     weapon - Your hunting weapon
     weapon2 - Your skinning weapon
     sheath - Where you want to put your hunting weapon
     container - Where you want to put the skins
     user0 - Where you store your skinning weapon

  • r.Cmd: A repelling script (actually a smite/bane script) that will cast 302 at a critter repeatedly until it dies.  It is set to put you into offensive stance for a split second when you cast, and works best with one hand empty.  I'm not certain that it has all the possible death messages, however if you are in Voln it will always work.  Syntax is .r <critter> or .r <number> <critter>, ie .r zombie or .r second zombie.

  • pick.cmd: A lockpicking script that will disarm and unlock a box with the specified lockpick.  Usage is .pick <box type> <lockpick type>

  • Slap.Wiz:  A script for playing slap hands with the footpads.  It isn't a particularly smart script, but it won't time out for quite a while.  To execute it, wait until AFTER the footpad gives you instructions.

  • Arrows.Wiz:  A script for dodging arrows with the footpads.  It uses matches so it will time out.  You can start this script as soon as you ask the footpad for training and it will wait before beginning.  If it times out before you finish, enter the words "more arrows" after executing it again.

  • Garlic.Wiz: A script for chopping the garlic for subdue ranks.  If you're decent at it, it won't time out, otherwise just restart it.  Once you're finished all the ranks, it will take you to the training administrator if you're in the landing or Icemule and ask for another task, in other towns it just takes you outside the kitchen.

  • Melons.Wiz: A script for subduing the melons for subdue ranks.  It will time out after a few minutes, and just has to be restarted.  Once and a while it won't pause for quite long enough and if it does, just enter the last command again and it'll keep going.

  • Windows.Wiz: A script for cleaning windows.  It currently works in the landing, Icemule, and on Teras.  To start it, you need to be in front of the training administrator and have your hands empty or be holding only a rag.  It will automatically get a rag if needed then clean all the windows, skipping a window if it's not ready yet, and return you to the training administrator when finished.

  • Tunnels.Wiz: A script for getting out of the water tunnels of Melgorhen's reach.


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