Stun Maneuvers

Possible tasks:

Dodging arrows
Skilled Master (footpad)
Self Practice
Cleaning Windows

What are all the Stunmaneuvers skills?

SHIELD: Remove shield, put away whatever is in your left hand. (Rank 0)
WEAPON: Get your weapon, put away whatever is in your right hand. (Rank 10)
GET: Pick up an item. (Rank 20)
STAND: Stand up. (Rank 30)
STANCE1: Increase your defensive stance 20%. (Rank 40)
ATTACK: Attack a critter (you suffer -50 AS) (Rank 50)
STANCE2: Increase your defensive stance 40%. (Rank 60)
MOVE: Move to another room (Rank 63)

How do I practice Stun Maneuvers with the footpad?

Practicing with the footpad is fairly simple, although it's also very time consuming. First off you have to NOD to get the footpad to stun you. Once you're stunned, you STUNMANEUVER SHIELD (for the first skill) to attempt a rep.  If you're successful, you'll want to tell the footpad to UNSTUN, so you can wear your shield.  Also, you MUST WEAR your SHIELD, you cannot have it in a harness or other container.