Updated 02/28/03
ACCUSE <person> You can accuse people of stealing in town to the deputy/constable or gate guards
ACT This verb allows you to perform customized actions that show up in parenthesis
ADVICE When you are new, this will give you advice on what to do in your current situation
SHOW Shows your current age
LIST Lists the age ranges and their descriptions for your race
SET <age> Sets your age (can only be done once)
SET BIRTHDAY Sets your birthday (can only be done once)
HELP Provides an explanation of how to set your age
AIM <area> Sets a spot for you to aim at when using a ranged weapon or ambushing, examples head, neck, chest, etc.
CLEAR Clears your aim
RANDOM Clears your aim
AMBUSH <critter> Uses your ambush training to hit a critter, either in a random spot, or where you have your AIM set
<critter> <area> Uses your ambushing training to aim for a certain part of a critter
ANALYZE   <item> Lets you determine if an item is free of alteration restrictions
ANSWER <whatever the answer is> If some NPC's ask you a question, you can answer them
APPLAUD You applaud
<person/critter> You look at <person/critter> and clap your hands.
<item> Used at some shops to determine the value of an item before you sell it
<pelt> Used to determine the value and quality of pelts.
<person> Tells you of any apparent injuries.  For clerics, also tells how much spirit they have
ASK <NPC> FOR/ABOUT <item> You can ask some NPC's about certain things 
ATTACK Allows you to attack the same critter repeatedly without typing the name of the critter
<critter/person> You can attack critter or people by specifying their name.  Can be used as second <critter>, third, etc.
ASSESS <item> Best used by warriors, lets you determine characteristics of an item
ASSIST You can summon a game host for assistance
<yourself> You set about preparing yourself to be as presentable as possible.
<player>|HAIR|FACE|EYES| ?????????
<worn/held item> You attend to your <item>, making the <item> as presentable as possible.
BABBLE You babble
BARK You bark
<critter/person> You bark wildly at <person/critter>
BEAM You beam
<person> You beam at <person>
<name> Befriend someone, adding them to your list of friends
CLEAR <name> Remove someone from your list of friends
CLEAR ALL Remove everyone from your friends list
CLEAR <number> Remove someone who is not in the lands from your friends list
LIST List your friends (or lack thereof)
BLINK You blink
<person> You blink at <person>
BLUSH You blush a nice shade of off-pink
BOUNCE You bounce around happily
<person> You fling yourself against <person> with childish glee!
<NPC> You move to bounce off of <NPC>, but it doesn't look very impressed.
<object> You fling yourself at a <object>
<critter> You glance at <critter> then shake your head, obviously reconsidering something.
BOW You bow
<person> You bow to <person>
BREATHE You take a deep breath
ANTICIPATE You watch in breathless anticipation
ANTICIPATE <item/person/critter> You watch a(n) <item/person/critter> in breathless anticipation
BLUE You hold your breath until you nearly turn blue
FAST You breathe rapidly, your nostrils flaring
HOLD You hold your breath
SLOW You breathe very slowly and deliberately, calming yourself
SLIGHT You breathe in slightly.
OUT You let out a long, contemplative breath.
CATCH You pant, trying to catch your breath.
QUIET You breathe as quietly as you can.
LOUD You snuffle and gasp, making an enormous production out of simply breathing.
BORED You breathe heavily, bored.
PAIN You rapidly suck in air through your teeth in pain.
ANNOY You sharply inhale and exhale a heavy breath in annoyance.
FIERCE You inhale a deep breath through your teeth, snarling!
FEAR You gasp a quick breath in fear and surprise!
SELF You try desperately to catch your breath.
DRINK You let out a long breath of alcohol-laden air.
BUG You can report game bugs to the staff
BUNDLE Allows you to bundle some herbs and pelts
BURY It is possible to bury certain things
BUY Used to buy something from a merchant 
CACKLE You cackle
<person/critter/pet/item> You laugh at <person/critter/pet/item>
CAST Used to cast a spell you have prepared
CALENDAR Gives a list of days, months, times, etc.
CHANT You chant
CHARGE It is possible to recharge wands in a certain place
CHECK IN At an inn when you want to train or reroll
CHECK BALANCE You check your bank account balance.
CHEER You cheer
<critter/person> You look at a <person/critter> and cheer!
CHUCKLE You chuckle
<person/critter/pet/item> You chuckle at <person/critter/pet/item>
CHORTLE You chortle
FIST You clench your fist
JAW You clench your jaw
TEETH You grit your teeth
FIST (with object) You tighten your grip on your <object>
FIST <person> (with object) You tighten your grip on your <object> and glance over at <person>.  
MUSCLES You flex your muscles.
CLIMB Necessary in certain areas, such as trees, walls, cliffs, trails, etc.  If the climb looks difficult, it is suggested that you do not attempt it unless you have trained in climbing.  
CLOSE Can be used on personal pocketed items you are wearing, or doors and such 
CON Tells you how much health you have left
LIST Displays a listing of dieties
Major Arkati/Spirit Lesser Spirit/Arkati
1) Koar 31) Niima
2) Lumnis 32) Aeia
3) Ronan 33) Leya
4) Lorminstra 34) Tilamaire
5) Imaera 35) Laethe
6) Phoen 36) Voaris
7) Kai 37) Kuon
8) Oleani 38) Jaston
9) Jastev 39) Voln
10) Eonak
11) Cholen
12) Zelia
13) Fash'lo'nae
14) Tonis
Major Arkati/Spirit Lesser Spirit/Arkati
50) Eorgina 71) Arachne
51) Sheru 72) The Huntress
52) Luukos 73) Amasalen
53) V'tull 74) Onar
54) Mularos
55) Ivas
56) Marlu
57) Andelas
58) Gosaena
59) Charl 999) Other
SET <#> Sets your diety alignment
COUGH You cough
<person> You stand in front of <person>
<body> You kick some dirt on <persons/critters> corpse
<item> You place your hand on <item>
MY EYES You cover your eyes with your hands, peeking through your fingers.
MY HEAD You duck slightly and cover your head with your arms.
MY MOUTH You clasp a hand over your mouth.
MY NOSE You cover your nose tightly. Phew!
MY HEART You place a hand over your heart.
COWER You cower
<person> You cower away from <person>
CRACK You crack your knuckles
CRAWL Necessary in small areas
CRINGE You cringe
<person/critter> You glance at <person/critter> and cringe.
CRY You burst into tears
CUDDLE <person> You slide over to <person> and cuddle him in your arms.  You must be joined to a person for this to work.  You also need to be standing.
CURE <area> Empaths can cure an injury on a particular area of their body
CURTSY You curtsy
<person> You curtsy to <person>
DANCE You dance around the room to music only you can hear. This is one of the verbs that varies depending on where you are.  You can dance with someone if you are in the wedding tent or if a house is having a party, table dances at the tables in the inn, and perform a water ballet in some of Elanthia's bodies of water.
DECLINE You can decline offers that people make you
DEMEANOR Shows your current demeanor and allows you to set your personal demeanor
DEPART Used only when you are dead and have absolutely no hope of rescue 
DEPOSIT <# of coins> Allows you to deposit <# of coins> in your bank account
<note> Allows you to deposit your promissory note in your bank account
DIAGNOSE  <person>  Tells you whether a person is injured or not 
DIAGNOSE <person> FULL Gives you all of the person's injuries as well as the severity.  You must have both hands free and it takes you 5 seconds to do
DIG In theory you can use this to dig, though I've yet to see it used
DIR[ECTION] If you're new gives a list of places directions are available to 
<location> Gives you directions to a particular place
DISARM Used on boxes to check for traps and disarm them
DISBAND You can disband your group if you are the leader
DISMISS You wave your hand in a dismissive gesture
<person> You wave a hand at <person>, dismissing him/her indifferently
<yourself> You chatter to yourself, debating with your alter ego
<disk/vine> You dismiss your disk/vine
DRINK You can drink a variety of beverages, as well as out of some pools if you're thirsty
DROOL You drool
<person/critter/pet/item> You drool at <person/critter/pet/item>
DROP <item> You drop <item>
DUCK You duck your head.
<critter> That's not a good idea.  You size up the <critter> instead.
<yourself> You dust yourself off
<item> You dust off a(n) <item>
<edible item> You eat <edible item>
<person, non-editable item> You bite <person, item>
ENCUMBRANCE {you see} You adjust your gear <varied message>.
{others see} <you> checks his/her equipment, adjusting and rearranging his gear.
EXAMINE Look at a person, item, in depth
EXCHANGE You can exchange promissory notes in different towns
<object> WITH <person> FOR <amount> Recommended when you want to sell something to someone
EXHALE You slowly and deliberately empty your filled lungs
<person> You glance at <person> and slowly exhale
<object> You blow on your <object>; You slowly and deliberately empty your filled lungs
EXIT When you want to leave the lands
EXPERIENCE Gives a listing of your experience, fame, deeds, and mana
EXPRESS Your face goes blank.
RELIEF You let out a sigh of relief.
CONCERN You glance about with concern on your face.
DISGUST You glance about with a disgusted look on your face.
ANGER You let out a scream of rage.
PUZZLEMENT You look about with a puzzled expression on your face.
LOSS You shake your head, totally at a loss.
JOY Your face lights up with joy.
FEAR You shiver in fear.
[<target>] Same as the above, aimed at the <target>


FALL You fall over
FIDGET You fidget
FIND <person> Check to see if someone is in the lands
FLAG To set flags, type 'flag' then the name of the flag.  To clear, type 'flag' "!" then the name.
FLAIL You flail your arms about
If you are lying down You thrash around on the floor
FLICK You make a flicking motion with your hand.
If you are a wizard
FLIRT You bat your eyelashes
<person> You catch <person's> eye, smile slowly, and begin flirting with him/her.
<critter> Why in the world would you want to flirt with a <critter>!
<object>{you see} Surely there are more interesting things to flirt with than the <object>!  
<object>{others see} Jerrec just flirted with the <object>!
FLINCH You flinch
FLUSTER You blush and babble a few incoherent words, looking foolish but sincere.
<item/person/critter> You glance bashfully at <item/person/critter>, blush, and mumble a few words.
FOLD You fold your arms over your chest
<item> You fold your <item>
LAZY You fold your arms over your chest with a lazy yawn.
BORED You fold your arms over your chest, your eyes glazing over with boredom.
STUBBORN You stand there stubbornly, folding your arms over your chest.
HAUGHTY You fold your arms over your chest with an air of superiority.
ANGRY You thrust your chest out, angrily folding your arms over it.
IMPATIENT You fold your arms across your chest, tapping your foot impatiently.
FORAGE FOR  <item> You can find useful herbs in different areas
FROWN You frown
<person/critter/pet/item> You frown at <person/critter/pet/item>
FURROW BROW You furrow your brow


GAG You gag
<person/object> You look at <person/object> and gag
GAWK Your jaw drops
<person> You gawk at <person> 
<yourself>  You cross your eyes
GAZE You gaze in wonder at your surroundings
<your name> You wrinkle your nose
<up> You gaze heavenward
<down> You hang your head.
<my feet> You check your footing.
<my hand> You examine your fingernails
<item in full view> You gaze in awe at <item> 
<item in your backpack> You survey the area
<person> AWE/FOND You gaze fondly/in awe at <person>
If they are a sorcerer You gaze in awe at <person>
Also, a sorcerer doesn't gaze fondly at someone, they shift their eyes towards them
GET To pick up something
GIBBER You gibber incoherently
GIGGLE You giggle
<person/critter/pet/item> You giggle at <person/critter/pet/item>
GIVE <person> You offer whatever is in your right hand to someone 
<person> <amount> You give <person><amount> of silver
GLANCE Check what is in your hands
<person> You glance at <person>
GLARE You glare
<person> You glare at <person>
GLD Gives a listing of your current guild status
MENU Lists all available guild commands
GLOWER You glower
<person> You glower darkly at <person>
<item> You glower at a(n) <item>
GNASH You gnash your teeth in frustration
GO To go to places, or through portals, such as doors
GOBBLE You make a gobbling sound
<critter> Don't be silly!
GREET <person> You nod to <person> in greeting
<critter> You greet the <critter>...which ignores the overtures of goodwill.
GRIEVE You throw back your head and let out a loud keening cry of pure grief.
<person> You gaze at <person> with a look of utter sorrow in your eyes.
GRIMACE You grimace
GRIN You grin
WIDE You flash a wide grin
<person/critter> You grin at <person/critter>
GROAN You groan
GROUP Tells you who is in your group and who is leading 
CLOSE Does not allow a person to join you or drag you 
OPEN Allows a person to join or drag you 
GROVEL You fall to your knees and begin to grovel desperately
GROWL You growl ferociously!
<person/critter/pet/item> You growl at <person/critter/pet/item>
GRUMBLE You grumble
<person/critter/pet/item> You grumble at <person/critter/pet/item>
GRUNT You grunt
For halflings You squeak oddly
For dwarves (options) yes, no, mine, drunk, drink, gem, question, happy, sad, glee, what, help, anger, food, pain, satisfied, annoy, bye, hello, sleepy, tired, fool, stupid, maybe, fear, elf, and crazy
GULP You gulp


HEALTH   Gives your current state of health
HELP Lists topics that you can get additional information on in the game
HICCUP You hiccup
HIDE You have to train in it to be good at it
at a table You crawl underneath the table and hide
HISS You hiss
<person> You hiss at <person>
<critter> You hiss at <critter>
<item> You glance at the <item> and hiss
HOLD <person> You bring them into your group
<yourself> You wring your hands
CLAIM Claims a home in your current room
CHANGE Changes the way your room is described
GUEST <player> Sets ONE guest who may enter the home at any time
GUEST CLEAR   Clears your guest
SCENT Changes the scent of your home
PRIVACY <familiar/locate> Turns privacy options on or off
SAVE Saves your room description, scent, privacy options and guest
HELP <#> Gives you online help
HOOT You hoot
HOWL You throw your head back and howl
HUG <person/item> You hug <person/item>
<yourself> <you> appear to be pleased with yourself
HURL <critter> You hurl your <weapon> at <critter>
HUM You hum distractedly as your mind wanders


IGNORE You pretend to be oblivious to the world around you
<person> You turn away from <person>, ignoring him/her
<critter> You pretend not to notice <critter>
INFO Tells you your name age, level, as well as your statistics
IMBED You can imbed items if you know the spell.  Used as: IMBED <spell #> IN <item> USING <rub/wave> FOR <# of charges> CHARGES
INFUSE <# of mana> Allows you to infuse your mana into the local pool
<item> Allows you to gather information about what an item is, where it is worn, how much it holds, etc
<person> <item> Allows you to see the show description of an item that another person is wearing
INVENTORY Tells you what your are wearing and holding
INVITE <person> You can invite people to your table
<person> GROUP You invite <person> and their group to your table
INVOKE <spell #> You can invoke spells on scrolls if you train in it


JUMP You jump up and down on like a 12-year-old
<location> It is necessary to jump over or on some locations
JOIN <person> You become a member of that person's group
<list> You join a list


KICK <person/object> You kick <person/object>
(if lying down) You throw a temper tantrum
KILL Attacks the critter you last swung at
<critter> Attacks the specified critter.  Can also be used as second <critter, third <critter>, etc.
KISS <person/object> You kiss <person/object>
while joined If you are joined to someone, you can also kiss them on the head, nose, cheek, ear, lips, neck, hand, wrist, and elbow.
KNEEL You kneel down
KNOCK <object> You knock on <object>


LATCH Some doors have latches you can lock
LAUGH You laugh
LOUD You burst out in loud, raucous laughter
SOFT You laugh softly, trying to hide your amusement
INSANE You burst into a fit of insane laughter
PAIN You force yourself to laugh through your pain
SAD You laugh, your eyes reflecting barely hidden sorrow
SILLY You begin to giggle, then burst out in a silly laugh
EVIL You cackle deep in your throat, your voice rising in chilling laughter
SNORT You burst out in a sudden snort of laughter
DRUNK You hiccup and giggle with drunken laughter
NERVOUS You force a grin and laugh nervously
TRIUMPH You burst out in triumphant laughter
MERRY You raise your voice in merry laughter.
MOCKING You snort a derisive laugh, sneering in mockery.
TRIUMPH You burst out in triumphant laughter!
BELLY You hold your sides and let out a rumbling belly laugh.
DELIGHT You laugh with delight!
DONKEY You rear back your head and let out a guffaw that would inspire envy in a donkey.
ROAR You throw back your head and roar with laughter!
<person/critter/pet/item> You laugh at <person/critter/pet/item>
LAY You lay down
<object> You lay on <object>
LEAN You shift your weight
<person> You lean on <person>
<object> You lean on/against object
<right/left> You lean towards the right/left slightly. 
<forward> You lean forward.
<back> You lean back.
LEAP Same as jump
LEAVE If you want to leave a group
LICK You stick your tongue out
<object> You lick <object>
<person> If you both are lying down - You kiss <person> deeply.
<person> At other times - You make a rude suggestion to <person> and get a firm punch for it
LIE You lie down
LIGHT Used to light a fire/match
LISTEN You carefully listen, but don't hear anything unusual
<critter> You listen carefully to a(n) <critter>.  Yup, sounds like a(n) <critter> alright
LOCK Some doors can be locked
LOOK Look at an item or person
IN <item> You look inside an item
LORESING Used by bards to sing to an item 


MANA Check to see how many mana points you have left
MARCH You march back and forth, sharply turning at the end of each stride.
<direction> You march off stiffly, moving <direction>.
MEASURE  <object> Tells you how much is left in an object
MEDITATE Used by clerics to absorb experience and gain spirit faster
MOAN You moan.
MOUNT Used to mount a horse (supposedly horses are coming)
MUMBLE You mumble something under your breath.
MUTTER You mutter something inaudible.
ABOUT <anything> You mutter about <anything>.
<anything> You mutter <anything>.
MSTRIKE Used to attack all the critters in the room, if you're trained to do so
<critter> Used to attack one critter multiple times, if you're properly trained
MYCHAR The MYCHAR verb will allow you to express to GameMasters details about your character.  This information will be seen by GMs only.  It works just like the ACTION verb.  Some examples are:

MYCHAR is terrified of snakes and would not willingly enter this snakepit.

There is also a THINKS option which will let the GMs see what your character is thinking.  Some examples are:

MYCHAR THINKS Why in the world did I join this loony sorcerer?


NEWS See what's happening
<ignore> Lets you ignore current news
<next> Shows you the next news item
NOD You nod
<person> You nod to person
NUDGE <person> You give <person> a playful nudge
<object> You edge a little closer to <object>


OFFER <amount> Some merchants allow you to barter by making offers
ONDUTY Tells you which staff members are on duty
OPEN <object> You open <object>
ORDER Used for some merchants


PACE You pace back and forth
<adverb> You pace back and forth, muttering about <adverb>
PALE Your face turns slightly pale
PANT You pant
PAY When you need to pay your debt
PEER <person> You peer quizzically at <person> 
<direction> You peer <direction>
PET For those cute little animals
<yourself> You touch one finger to your lips
<person> You touch <person>.
PICK To open treasure chests, best if you DISARM it first
PINCH You crack your knuckles.
<person> You give <person> a good pinch.
<yourself> You pinch yourself 
<item> You idly pick at <item> 
PLAY <instrument><style> You play your instrument in a particular style
SKILL Tells you your current skill with that type of instrument
PLUCK <item> ?????????
PO Tells you how much mana you have left
POINT <person> You point at <person>
<hidden person> You point at <person> ruining their hiding place
<item> You point at <item>
<yourself> You point at yourself
POKE <yourself> <you> appears to be poking him/herself
<person> You poke <person> in the ribs
<object> You poke your finger at <object>
POSE You strike a heroic pose
POUR <object> You pour it onto the ground
<object> <person> You pour it on a person
<object> INTO <person> When you want to use a white flask to LK (life keep) someone, or pour healing potions in them
POUT You pout
<person/critter/pet/item> You pout at <person/critter/pet/item>
PRAY You kneel down and begin your prayers
(at a table) You mumble a quick prayer of blessing for your meal
PREPARE Spells need to be prepared
PREMIUM Gives a listing of what the other premium verbs are
NEWS <#> Gives a listing of the current premium news items
START Tells you the date your premium account was created
PROD <item> You give your <item> a little prod with the tip of your finger
<object> You prod a(n) <object> with the tip of your finger
<dead critter> You prod the <dead critter> with your toe
<person> You give <person> a little prod between the shoulder blades.
PULL <item> Some things can be pulled
<person> You try to pull <person> towards you
<person lying down> You try and pull <person> to their feet (provided you are standing)
<body> You kneel down and cradle <body> into your arms (brings them into your group)
PUNCH <person>  You punch <person>
<object> You look like you were about ready to punch <object>
<yourself> <you> just punched him/herself!
PUNISH <person> You beat <person> severely
You purr
You glance at the <object/person/critter> and make a purring sound
PURR You purr
<object/person/critter> You glance at the <thing> and make a purring sound
PUSH <object> You push <object>
PUT To put objects somewhere
PUZZLE You act puzzled


Quit Used when you want to exit the game


RAISE <fist> You raise your fist defiantly
<weapon> You raise your <weapon> in triumph
<hand> You raise your hand
<chest> You heft your find in the air for all to see 
<eye> You raise your eyebrows
<eye> AT <person> You raise your eyebrows at <person>
RASPBERRY You stick your tongue out and let loose with a loud, "Thbtbtbtbt" from your lips!
<person> You stick your tongue out at <person> and let loose with a loud, "Thbtbtbtbt" from your lips!
READ You can read scrolls and books
RECITE   To recite something
REGISTER   Register unique items at the town register
REMOVE To take off something you're wearing
RENEW Bards renew their songs
REPORT You can report problems to the GM's
ROAR You roar
<person> You roar at <person>
<object> You roar at a(n) <object>
ROCK You rock back on your heels.
ROLL (when you are lying down) You roll around on the ground
<person> You roll <person> over (when someone else is lying down)
<eyes> You roll your eyes.
laughing You fall to the ground and roll around laughing hysterically.
ROSHAMBO <person> <rock/paper/scissors> Invite someone to play a game of roshambo with you.  Command works for both parties.
RUB <object/person> You rub <object/person>  
<imbedded object> Some objects can be imbedded and rubbing them will cast the spell


SALUTE <person> You turn towards <person> and render a sharp hand salute.
<person> (while injured) You turn towards <person> and render a (painful) hand salute.
(with an item) You turn towards <person> and render them a sharp salute with your <item>
SASHAY You sashay about gracefully, just enjoying yourself
<direction> You sashay off gracefully, heading <direction>
SCOLD You shake your head, clucking your tongue
<person> You shake your head at <person> and cluck your tongue
<object> You shake your head at a(n) <object> and cluck your tongue
SCOWL You scowl
<object> You scowl at <object>
<person> You scowl at <person>
SCRATCH You scratch yourself idly
SCREAM You scream
<person/critter/pet/item> You scream at <person/critter/pet/item>
SEARCH To find hidden people/places
SELL To sell something to a merchant
SEND <# of mana> <person> When you want to send mana to someone 
SENSE If you're a wizard, allows you to sense mana in the area
SET To set flags, type 'set' then the name of the flag.  To clear, type 'set' "!" then the name.
HANDS WITH <person> You shake hands with <person>
HEAD You shake your head
HEAD <person> You look over at <person> and shake your head
SHARE   <amount> Allows you to share coins with your group
SHIVER You shiver
SHOW <item> TO <person> You show <item> to <person>
SIGH You sigh
<adverb, such as sadly> You sigh sadly.
AT <adverb> You give a sigh of frustration.
SING For when you want to sing a song.  Also, bards sing their spells rather than cast them
SIT You sit down
<object> You sit on <object>
SHRUG You shrug
SHUFFLE You shuffle your feet.
SHUN You turn away
<critter> You turn away from a <critter> in disgust
SKIN <critter> To skin a critter
SLAP <person> You slap <person> up'side the head.
<yourself> You slap yourself on the forehead.
SMELL You sniff 
<person/object> You sniff at <person/object> 
SMILE You smile
<something> You can also add unlimited words to the smile such as smile as he glances around the room, which will be - Jerrec smiles as he glances around the room.
SMIRK You smirk
<person/critter/pet/item> You smirk at <person/critter/pet/item>
SMOOCH You smack your lips
<person> You give <person> a smooch 
<yourself> You bite your lip.
SNAP You snap your fingers.
SNARL You snarl menacingly
SNEAK Used when hiding to sneak from one room to another
SNEER You sneer
<person> You sneer at <person>
SNEEZE You sneeze
SNICKER You snicker
<person/critter/pet/item> You snicker at <person/critter/pet/item>
SNIFF You sniff
<object/person> You sniff at <object/person>
SNORT You snort
SNUGGLE <person> You snuggle up to <person> and rest your head on his/her shoulder. (you must be joined to the person)
SOB You sob
SPLASH You splash around in the water
<person> You splash water at <person> 
SPLUTTER You splutter
SQUEAL You squeal
<person> You look at <person> and squeal
<object> You look at the <object> and squeal
SQUINT You squint
<person> You squint at <person> 
<yourself> You narrow your eyes.  
SQUIRM You squirm.
STALK When hidden, you can stalk others
STANCE To check what stance you're in
<type> To change stance to another type
STAND To stand up
STARE You stare off into space
<person/object> You stare at <person/object> 
STAT Tells you how many people are in the lands
FULL Tells you the name of everyone in the lands
STEAL You can steal coins and gems from others, not a good idea if you want to make friends 
STRETCH You stretch
STRIDE You stride a few steps forward
<person> You stride over to stand before <person>
<direction> You stride away, moving <direction>
STRUT You strut about.
PROUDLY You strut about proudly.
ARROGANT You strut about arrogantly.
SATISFIED You strut about satisfied.
SLOW You strut about slowly.
STOMP You stomp your feet
<person> You stamp your feet at <person>
<object lying down> You stamp your way around a(n) <object>
SET Set the default container to stow items in
LEFT/RIGHT Stows the item in the specified hand into the container specified previously in set
<item> Stows the specified item in your default (set) container
STUMBLE You suddenly stumble for no apparent reason
<person> You suddenly trip over something and find yourself face to face with <person>
<object lying down> You stumble toward a(n) <object> before regaining your balance
<direction> You begin to walk <direction> but trip over something and end up stumbling your way there
SULK You begin to mope around, feeling very sorry for yourself.
SUMMON PET If you have a pet, you can use this to call it back.
SWAP Change what you are holding from one hand to the other 
SWAY You sway back and forth.
SWEAR <target> (may be blank) You swear (randomly)
FLAME You let out a flaming volley of invective.
VILE You growl something vile beneath your breath.
CURSE You curse the day you were born.
SHODDY (must be used with an item as target) You vividly accuse the gods of shoddy workmanship when it came time to create a <item>.
SPASM You manage to offend an inordinate number of gods with an especially vitriolic spasm of oaths.
LYRIC You whistle something nasty between clenched teeth.
ASPERSION You cast growled aspersions into mid-air.
SPITTLE You spit out a muttered curse.
BREATH You swear under your breath.
UNHEARD You mutter something better left unheard.
LOUD You swear long, loud and well.
SWEAT You break out in a sweat.
LIGHT You perspire delicately.
HEAVY Heavy droplets of sweat drip from your brow.
<person> You glance at <person> and begin to sweat.
<item> You glance at a(n) <item> and begin to sweat.
SWEEP <person> You sweep a leg at <person>.  Only really works for rogue guild members.
SWIM To move through some bodies of water you must swim
SWOON You faint


TACKLE <person> You hurl yourself at <person>.  Only really works for members of the warrior guild
TAP You tap your foot impatiently
<person> You lightly tap <person> on the shoulder.
<yourself> You tap yourself on the chest.
<object> You tap <object>
TEND Used to tend your bleeders, to tend someone else you TEND <person> <area>, to tend yourself, TEND MY <area>
THINK To send a message on one of the telepathic nets
TO <person> To send a private message to a person
If your amunet is off You rub your chin thoughtfully
THUMP <person> You thump person. (If you are a Lord or Lady, this can possibly stun a person if they have had less than 5 trainings
<yourself> You rub your eyes
THROW You do a very impressive display of your throwing ability by tossing around an imaginary opponent
(For Voln members only) While lying down You jump to your feet and do the same as a normal throw
<item> You can throw certain items
TICKLE <person> You tickle <person>
TILT UP You tilt your head up.
DOWN You tilt your head down.
MY HEAD You cock your head.
MY HANDS You hold up your hand and tilt it side to side in a so-so gesture.
TIME Gives the current Elanthian date and time
TITLE Lists all the title commands
SHOW Displays your current TITLE settings.
PRENAME LIST Lists all PRENAME titles available to you.
PRENAME SET <title> Sets your PRENAME title.
PRENAME CLEAR Clears your PRENAME title.
PROFESSION LIST Lists all PROFESSION titles available to you.
PROFESSION SET <title> Sets your PROFESSION title.
CULTURE LIST Lists all the cultural background titles available to you.
CULTURE SET <title> Sets your cultural background title.
STATUS Displays your current tone
LIST Displays the list as shown below
<tone #> OR <description> Sets your tone of voice.  Ex. Jerrec says softly, "no"
 1. none  2. abrupt  3. accusing
 4. amused  5. angry  6. anxious
 7. appreciative  8. approving  9. argumentative
10. arrogant 11. bashful 12. calm
13. careful 14. cautious 15. cheerful
16. clear 17. cold 18. condescending
19. confident 20. confused 21. coy
22. cryptic 23. dark 24. deep
25. disapproving 26. dismissive 27. dreamy
28. dubious 29. emphatic 30. encouraging
31. exasperated 32. excited 33. firm
34. flirtatious 35. frustrated 36. gleeful
37. grateful 38. grave 39. greedy
40. grim 41. grumpy 42. happy
43. harsh 44. haughty 45. hesitant
46. hopeful 47. innocent 48. joking
49. jubilant 50. knowing 51. meek
52. melodic 53. menacing 54. merry
55. mocking 56. monotonous 57. mournful
58. mysterious 59. nervous 60. patient
61. pedantic 62. playful 63. proud
64. quick 65. quiet 66. regretful
67. remorseful 68. rude 69. sad
70. sarcastic 71. seductive 72. serene
73. sheepish 74. skeptical 75. sleepy
76. slow 77. sly 78. smug
79. soft 80. somber 81. spiteful
82. squeaky 83. stern 84. stupid
85. sweet 86. tactful 87. teasing
88. tender 89. terse 90. thoughtful
91. tired 92. understanding 93. uneasy
94. warm 95. wary 96. weak
97. weary 98. wistful 99. worried
100. wry
TOSS Some objects can be tossed
TOUCH <object/person> You touch <object/person>
TRANSFER <person> <area> Empaths transfer wounds from others
<person> ANY Transfers the most severe injury from the other person, continues with lesser injuries
TREMBLE You tremble
<target> You stare at a <target> and tremble.
COLD A cold shiver runs up your back and you tremble ever so slightly.
FEAR Your whole body trembles with fear.
EYE Your eyelid begins to twitch and quiver uncontrollably.
EXCITE Your eyes light up and you tremble with excitement.
LEAF You tremble like a leaf.
ANGER You tremble with anger.
HAPPY You grin and tremble with glee from head to toe.
RAGE You tremble with rage.
LIP Your lower lip trembles slightly.
LEG Like a dog scratched behind the ear, your leg trembles in an uncontrollable spasm.
HAND Your hand trembles.
FRUSTRATION You tremble with pure frustration, an angry look on your face.
<target> <style> You stare at a <target> and....
TRIP <critter/person> If you're using a pole arm weapon, you can trip a critter/person to knock them down
TRUDGE You trudge back and forth
<person> You trudge up to <person>
<object lying down> You trudge up to a(n) <object>
<direction> You trudge off loudly, moving <direction>
<critter> You trudge up to a <critter> and stare defiantly
TURN Certain objects can be turned
TWIDDLE You twiddle your thumbs
TWITCH You twitch
TYPO You can report game typos to the staff


UNHIDE When you want to come out of hiding
UNLATCH You can unlatch doors that have latches
UNLOCK Doors including private residences can be unlocked
UNWRAP A tended area needs to be unwrapped before it can be tended again


<YES|NO> Casts a simple vote of yes or no to anyone who will listen!
<item> Registers your vote for a particular choice of item.  This is typically only effective with items which have been set up to be voted on.
<yes|no|#> [TO <player> [silently]] Slightly more complex, allows you to register your vote with a player who is currently collecting them.  If you so desire, your vote can be made SILENTLY, so only the recipient is informed of your decision.
START [#] Allows you to begin keeping track of votes.  By default, accepts only Yes/No votes, but adding a number will allow voters to register a choice.  You may collect votes on a maximum of nine choices.
Example: VOTE START  Voters may now register a vote of yes or no with you.  
               VOTE START 9  Voters may now register one of up to nine choices with you.
STOP Announces the end of voting and provides you with a current tally.  Does not automatically erase tally.
TALLY Displays all votes you have collected, to you and you alone.
ANNOUNCE Displays all votes you have collected, to everyone in the room.
DISCARD Discards all current votes and ceases collection, but does not automatically restart collection.
EXTEND Extends voting to one hour.  If voting has already been closed, this will simply extend the amount of time you maintain the current tally.  Note that this is a refreshed time of one hour from the time of extension, not additionally stacking hours.


WAGGLE <person/object> You waggle your fingers at (person/object) mystically!
WAIT You look like you are waiting for something (You tap your foot impatiently)
WARBLE You warble like a bird
WARSALUTE For use only by warriors, exact messaging unknown.
WAVE You wave
<person> You wave to <person>
<object> You wave your <object> around
<wand> Waving a wand causes it to fire if you train in wands
WEALTH Tells you how much money you have with you, and any debts you owe
WEAR You can wear certain items
WEIGH   <object> Tells you about how much an item weighs
<person> You look admiringly at <person>
<yourself> You admire yourself (and figure out how much you weigh)
WHEEZE You wheeze, trying to catch your breath
WHIMPER You whimper
WHINE You whine
<person/critter/pet/item> You white at <person/critter/pet/item>
WHISPER <person> If you want to have a private conversation with someone
GROUP You can whisper to your entire group
WHISTLE   You whistle tunelessly to yourself
<person/critter/pet/item> You whistle at <person/critter/pet/item>
if you're a bard You whistle a complicated ditty, impressing others with your virtuosity
WHO Tells you how many people are in the lands
FULL Lists every person currently in the lands
EYEBROWS You wiggle your eyebrows
HEAD You vigorously shake your head
FACE You vigorously shake your head
KNEES Your knees begin to shake
EARS You wiggle your ears
NOSE You wiggle your nose
FINGERS You wiggle your fingers
ARMS You tuck in your arms and flap them like a bird
WITHDRAW <amount> <silver/note> You can withdraw your money in silvers or a note from the bank
WOBBLE You feel a bit weak in the knees and find yourself wobbling




YAWN You yawn
YELL If you want to yell something so people in adjoining rooms can hear you
YELP You let out a yelp!