Voln Symbols

Symbol   Purpose Favor Required
Symbol of Recognition Tells you who is in Voln and if a creature is undead No
Symbol of Blessing Will bless a non-magical weapon for three times the step of the caster. Yes
Symbol of Thought Lets you think to other Voln members. Yes
Symbol of Recovery Restores approximately 10 health per use. Yes
Symbol of Courage Provides an AS bonus to the user equal to the step they are on. Lasts for 10 seconds per step. Yes
Symbol of Protection Provides a DS bonus to the user equal to the step they are on. Lasts for 20 seconds per step. Yes
Symbol of Throw Allows you to throw an opponent. No*
Symbol of Punch Allows you to punch an opponent. No*
Symbol of Kick Allows you to kick an opponent. No*
Symbol of Calm Allows you to calm an opponent. Yes
Symbol of Sleep Allows you to put an opponent to sleep. (does not work on undead) Yes
Symbol of Turning Allows you to scare undead to death (works like old cleric repel, requiring a 175 endroll to kill, unsearchable).


Symbol of Mana

Restores 50 mana to you, at a cost of a deed and favor .

Symbol of Sight Allows you to look in on a fellow Voln member. (works very much like locate) Yes
Symbol of Holiness Allows you to bless magical weapons. Also can be used as a fireball attack on undead. Yes
Symbol of Submission Allows you to force an undead creature to bow down to you, and lowers its DS by 50. Yes
Symbol of Restoration Restores up to 50 health to you. Yes
Symbol of Need Sends an image of your location to other Voln members in the vicinity. Yes
Symbol of Retribution A mass area attack spell, only usable while dead, it will cause damage to undead in the room. Yes
Symbol of Throw (2) Same as Throw, more powerful No*
Symbol of Punch (2) Same as Punch, more powerful No*
Symbol of Kick (2) Same as Kick, more powerful No*
Symbol of Preservation Allows you to LK yourself or others, even while dead. Yes
Symbol of Dreams Allows you to sleep, and gain mana, spirit, and experience faster. Can only be done at a node, forces you into offensive stance, and lying down. Yes
Symbol of Return Transports you and your group back to a point in or near town.  Does not work with groups in all areas. Yes
Symbol of Invitation Allows you to invite others into Voln. They must not belong to the other society. Used as invite <person>. No

 * These symbols do not require favor when used on undead creatures. However, when used on living creatures, or other players they do require favor. In order to use these symbols you must have a small amount of favor even if you are attempting to use them on undead, although it will not cost any favor.